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How does Sage Clean work?

We work on Commercial, Residential, Events (set up/ clean up), and Rental turnover services in NY. We train our professionals so you can rest easy and let them handle the load.

Does someone need to be present during the clean?

Not at all. The point of our coming to clean is so you can relax and let someone else carry the load. If you should desire to stay during the cleaning Sage Clean has no issue with it. There will be a manager present during your initial cleaning and will follow up with the cleaners who continue to clean the property.

What about Insurance and Bonds?

You can rest assured Sage Clean has all appropriate documentation. Our specialists are professionally trained.

Is Sage Clean pet-friendly?

Yes, please let us know if pets will be home and where they will be left enclosed. We want to ensure we send cleaners that have no allergies.

Residential Cleaning

Who provides cleaning supplies?

Our professionals are given a cleaning kit that should be able to tackle any mess. We do want to mention several items we do not include in our cleaning kit for sanitary concerns. Sage Clean does not provide the following:

  • Step ladder
  • Toilet brush
  • Vaccuum
  • Conventional mop/ bucket
  • Specialty products;
  • Stainless steel cleaner
  • Heavy duty bathroom cleaner
  • Bleach or
  • Wood cleaner

What about a conventional mop, bucket, or Vacuum?

Our cleaners are fashioned with a Dry/wet mop that will be used on hard surface floor areas. If you do not have a vaccumm our cleaners will not be able to effectively clean carpeted areas.

What if I just had renovation work done?

Sage Clean has no affiliation with construction work. Regretabbly these services would not meet your criteria.

Can I give specific instructions/ ask for special requests?

Please if there is anything you would like our specialists to focus on while on their time at your location, do not hesitate to ask. We strive to meet customer expecatations. Let us know if there is anything more we can do.

Commercial Cleaning

Why you should really rethink not getting your office cleaned!

Office germs account for thousands of dollars lost throughout the work year in calls outs, sick days, and prolonged doctor visits. Germs affect us year round. So your workers can stay working in a clean enviorment and be glad to come to work please schedule more frequent cleanings.

Do you clean during normal business hours or after?

We undestand not all business/ homes are alike. We are a 24/7 cleaning company working most major holidays.

Does Sage Clean bring its own equipment/ supplies for commercial properties?

Our cleaners are outfitted with all the cleaning essentials needed to clean your location. If we create a prolonged on going service we can scale in equipment needed such as Vaccumm/ full sized dust mop and so on as our relationship grows.

Will there be manager oversight?

Managers will be present for initial cleanings. They will follow up with cleaners/ clients to ensure that we are meeting goals and if there is ever anything we can improve to make our services stand out.

How do i get an office cleaning quote?

Please follow this link to book a commercial cleaning quote.

Sage Clean Guarantee

What exactly is the Sage Clean Guarantee?

Our specialists are professionally trained. If you are ever unsatisfied with our services we offer our Sage Clean Guarantee-- We get it right or we'll make it right.

How do i go about requesting a reclean?

All we ask is you reach out to our customer service email: hello@sageclean.com - within 48 hrs of the original cleaning.

Are there any limits to using our Sage Clean Guarantee?

Though we dont have a limit on the amount of times one company can use recleans if claim is legitmate, we ask people not to abuse this courtesy. We reserve the right to void the reclean, future services should we feel our guarantee being abused.

What is/ isnt included in our Sage Clean Gurantee…

  • Free cleanings
  • Pass 48 hrs original order date
  • Recleans
  • Services not booked on original order
  • Move in/ out cleanings


How do i pay for my cleaning?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple pay, Paypal and Venmo.

How do i update billing information?

Log onto your account, look under settings and change billing information.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand sometimes schedules arent always consistent with everyday life. We ask you contact Sage Clean 24 hrs before your scheduled cleaning to prevent a $50 cancellation charge.

What about tipping?

Tipping isnt required but our cleaners apprecaite any tips given.

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